Dual Credit course offerings

Please note: Not all classes may be offered at your high school. Check with your school counselor for class availability. 

College of Humanities and Public Affairs

Course Code Course Number Title
CRM 210 Introduction to American Criminal Systems
CRM 215 Introduction to Criminology
and the Profession
ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics
HST 103 World History - 1600
HST 104 World History - 1600 - Present
HST 121 US History - 1600
HST 122 US History - 1600 - present
PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy
PLS 101 American Government: Org / Function
PLS 205 American Democracy and Citizenship
REL 100 Introduction to Religion
REL 210 Paths of World Religions
SOC 150 Introduction to Society
SOC 152 Social Problems

College of Arts and Letters

Course Code Course Number Title
ART 100 Art Portfolio
ART 110 Two-Dimensional Design for Digital Media
COM 115 Fundamental Public Speaking
COM 120 Introduction to Debate
ENG 110 Writing 1
ENG 200 Introduction to Literature
ENG 210 Writing II
ENG 300 English Public Affairs
FRN 101 Elementary French I
FRN 102 Elementary French II
FRN 201 Intermediate French I
FRN 202 Intermediate French II
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese
LTN 101 Elementary Latin I
LTN 201 Intermediate Latin I
MUS 100 Music Fundamentals
MUS 103 Theory of Musicianship
MUS 104 Theory of Musicianship II
MUS 241 Language of Music
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPN 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
THE 101 Introduction to Performing Arts

College of Business

Course Code Course Number Title
ACC 109 The Accounting Cycle
ACC 121 Individual Tax Preparation
CIS 260 Application Development I
BUS 135 Introduction to Business
FIN 150 Personal Finance
MKT 150 Marketing Fundamentals
FMD 103 Apparel Self Construction

College of Education

Course Code Course Number Title
CFD 155 Principles of Human Development
CFD 160/260 Principles of Development - Early Childhood

College of Health and Human Services

Course Code Course Number Title
BMS 110 Biomedical Science
PSY 101 Psychology for Personal Growth
PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology
ATC 222 Athletic Injuries

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Course Code Course Number Title
AST 114 Survey of Astronomy
AST 115 Basic Astronomy
BIO 101 Understanding Biological Systems
BIO 111 Lab
BIO 197 Selected Topics in Biology
CHM 116/117 Fundamentals in Chemistry
CHM 160/161 General Chemistry I and Lab
CHM 170/171 General Chemistry II and Lab
CSC 101 Computers for Learning
GLG 110 Introduction to Geology
GRY 100 World Geography
GRY 135 Atmospheric Science
GRY 142 Introduction to Physical Geography
HSP 210 Intro to Hospitality Leadership
HSP 215 Intro to Lodging Management
HSP 321 Principles of Food Preparation
MTH 103 Intermediate Algebra
MTH 135 College Algebra
MTH 181 Trigonometry
MTH 261 Analytic Geometry
PHY 100 Survey of Physics
PHY 123 Introduction to Physics

William H. Darr College of Agriculture

Course Code Course Number Title
AGB 144 Agricultural Economics
AGN 115 Sustainable Agricultural and Environment
AGR 108 Various Topics
AGR 157 Agr Mechanization Practice
AGS 101 Animal Science
AGS 161 Introduction to Horses
AGS 162 Introduction to Riding

Career Center

Course Code Course Number Title
IDS 120 Career Counseling

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