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Take Early College courses online and study independently. Start building your transcript before enrolling as a Missouri State freshman. Get an affordable head start on your degree.

Early College courses cost over 70% less than the same course taken online as a freshman. You’ll pay $70 a credit hour plus an e-book fee. 

These courses are a part of general education requirements at MSU. If you attend another state school in Missouri, these Core42 credits will transfer. Already taking dual credit courses at your high school? No problem! You can take both types of courses at the same time.

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Pay only $70 per credit hour plus an e-book fee.
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Save over 70% of what you would pay for an online course as an MSU freshman.
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Combine Early College courses with dual credit courses. You may qualify for an automatic $1,000 scholarship.
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Some Early College courses apply to MSU's general education requirements. If you attend another Missouri public college or university, Core42 courses are guaranteed to transfer.
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Free and Reduced Lunch Scholarship

High school students who receive free and reduced lunches are eligible for a dual credit scholarship.

What should I know about the courses?

  • Different courses may be offered each semester
  • Instead of attending in-person lectures, you'll view video lectures through Blackboard (MSU's learning management system.
  • You’ll study the same curriculum as the students seated in lecture halls on campus.
  • Courses are recorded on your Missouri State transcript

Is this the same as dual credit?

Similar, but different. In dual credit classes, you earn credit at the high school and at the university. Credit is only earned at the university for Early College courses. There is no equivalent course at the high school. High school teachers deliver dual credit courses at the school. Missouri State faculty teach Early College courses online.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must be a junior or senior with a 3.0 GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale). Homeschool students are eligible for Early College courses. 

Fall 2020 Courses

ECO 165 Microeconomics

Basic principles of economics with a particular emphasis on the nature and application of those bearing on decision making within a household, firm or industry; including consideration of problems respecting the composition and pricing of the national output, distribution of income, pricing and output of factors of production and foreign trade.

This course is required for business majors at Missouri State and most other universities.

Read the course catalog for more information.

E-textbook cost: $113.21

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts

The creative processes of transforming drama to stage, film and television. A study of the collaborations and contributions that the various artists make to the process. Intended to increase the audience's ability to think critically about the artistic experience. Buying tickets to and attendance at local productions required. Find more information in the course catalog.

This course is a Core42 class. It fulfills a general education requirement. 

​​​​​​​E-textbook cost: $46.74

IDS 118 Enhancing Learning Techniques for College and Life

Designed for any student who wishes to develop stronger study and learning techniques such as note taking, test taking and preparation, time management, text study, memory and concentration. Cannot be used to satisfy any General Education Program requirement or any major or minor requirement. Cannot receive credit for both IDS 118 and RDG 107. 

Note: This course is NOT a Core42 course, but it is valuable for students intending to attend college. 

​​​​​​​E-textbook cost: $21.45

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