Getting started with Dual Credit

Enrollment begins at your high school

  • Your teacher or guidance counselor will provide a list of Dual Credit courses available at your school.
  • Complete both the Dual Credit application and enrollment form.
  • Have a parent or guardian sign the application.
  • Return the forms to your high school teacher or counselor. Do not include payment at this time. The forms will be verified and sent to MSU.
  • You will receive one of the following letters from MSU Dual Credit program confirming or denying your acceptance.
    • Acceptance Letter – Congratulations!  You’ve been accepted to enroll in dual credit with Missouri State University.  Your letter will contain your BearPass number (M#), the course(s) you are enrolled in for the current term, and the total amount due along with the due date for payment.
    • Denial Letter – You were not approved for one or more of the courses you requested for enrollment.  This letter will contain the course(s) that is being denied along with an explanation for the denial.
    • Encumbrance Letter – You have a balance due on your account, and are therefore denied further enrollment with dual credit until that balance is brought below the amount of $200.  You will need to contact our office and request to have your enrollment processed again once payment is made.


  • Juniors and seniors with 3.0 GPA* or higher and either an ACT Composite Score of 21 or higher or who meet the requirements of MSU's Selection Index scale are automatically eligible for dual credit enrollment.
  • Juniors and seniors with a 2.5-2.99 GPA who qualify under the MSU's Selection Index scale are eligible for dual credit courses; however, they must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their principal or guidance counselor.
  • Sophomores with cumulative GPA's of 3.0 or higher, and who qualify under MSU's Selection Index scale, are eligible for dual credit courses; however, they must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their principal or guidance counselor. 
  • Freshmen who score at or above the 90th percentile on the ACT or SAT, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, provide a signed letter of recommendation from their principal and guidance counselor, and provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian, are eligible for dual credit.
  • For courses that have specific placement tests or that require specific placement scores (e.g. English, mathematics and chemistry), dual credit students must meet the same requirements as those required by on-campus students.

    *All GPA's mentioned above are on a 4.0 scale.



ENG 110 Writing 1

18* English ACT subscore

ENG 210 Writing II

Successful completion of ENG 110


MTH 135 College Algebra

22* Math ACT subscore or pass Msth Placement Exam given by MSU Math Department

MTH 181 Trigonometry

26* Math ACT subscore or "C" or better in MTH 135

MTH 261 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

29* Math ACT subscore or "C" or better in MTH 181


Path for general education

CHM 116 / 117 Fundamentals of Chemistry / Lab

20* on Math ACT subscore 

This course does not count toward a major or minor in any physical science program. It is a general education course at Missouri State. 

Path for science majors

CHM 160 / 161 Gen Chemistry I / Lab

22* Math ACT score

Path for science majors

CHM 170 / 171 Gen Chemistry II / Lab

"C" or better in CHM 160

These courses are recommended for science majors, chemistry majors and minors, and most preprofessional students (i.e. nursing). These courses are not considered general education courses at Missouri State.

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