About Dual Credit

Missouri State Dual Credit

Connecting high school students to higher education with access and affordability.

Find out if you’re eligible to save time and money earning college and high school credit, at the same time, through Missouri State’s Dual Credit Program.

Missouri State’s dual credit courses are taught by college-approved high school instructors at participating high schools in Missouri. Our courses help you prepare for college with rigorous college-level coursework.

Courses are $70 per credit hour which is 60% less than the regular tuition rate and you will have no textbooks to buy or supplemental course fees to pay.

High school students who receive free and reduced lunches are eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Scholarship. Qualifying students can take up to six credit hours of dual credit per semester at no charge to them. 

When you complete 9 MSU dual credit courses, earning a cumulative MSU GPA of 3.25, you qualify for a $1,000 scholarship, called the Missouri State Advantage Scholarship, to apply toward your MSU degree when you register as a first-time student.