Drop a dual credit course

How do I drop a course during the semester/school year?

Complete and save the course drop form and send to DualCredit@MissouriState.edu as an pdf email attachment. Indicate, in your email, the reason you would like to drop the course. Check these important dates and deadlines to determine if a partial refund will be available. The course must be dropped prior to the final drop deadline for there to be no impact on your transcript.

To drop a dual credit course, you must

  1.  Inform your teacher of your intention to drop the course for dual credit
  2. Complete the course drop form. Please include the reason you are requesting to drop the course for dual credit.
  3. Have your school counselor sign the form
  4. Send the completed and signed form to DualCredit@MissouriState.edu as a pdf attachment

Please remember that high school and college registrations are separate. Failure to notify the Dual Credit staff of your wish to drop a college course will mean you will remain registered at the university for the course. Should you not complete the course, a failing grade will be posted to your official transcript. After dropping a course for college credit you may still remain in the class for regular high school credit.

How do I add or drop a course after the deadline dates or the end of the semester?

Courses cannot be added after the registration period. Courses cannot be dropped once the course has ended and assigned a grade. Registration dates and drop deadlines have been clearly communicated and published. View our website's Important Dates and Deadlines.

In special cases, an appeal for a course Drop Exception or Late Enrollment may be reviewed and granted. These exceptions usually involve the following circumstances:

  • Medical emergencies.
  • Student moving out of the district during the term.
  • School or dual credit office error.
  • A break in the registration workflow concerning a student's enrollment.
  • Hardship cases.

To request a course add or drop after the deadlines, submit a Drop Exception/Appeal form. Also include the requested supporting documentation. Appeals without all requested documentation will be denied.

Appeal requests are reviewed on the first and third Friday of each month. The applicant will be notified via email of the decision and any required action for the appeal.
Email this form and the supporting documents to the Missouri State Dual Credit office at DualCredit@MissouriState.edu.

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