Request your transcript

What is a transcript?

A transcript is an official report of a student’s record of courses studied and grades received. Every MSU dual credit student builds a Missouri State transcript of the courses taken through the dual credit program.

Find out how to order a transcript, what it costs, how it will be delivered and more.

How do my credits apply at MSU?

Dual credit courses are considered official courses at the university level. All dual credit courses taken through MSU dual credit will appear on a student’s transcript. The grades earned in the courses contribute to the student’s GPA at Missouri State.

You will want to learn about the general education program and courses that are included in that program. Our Academic Advising and Transfer Center can assist with developing your educational plan.

How do I transfer my credits to another college or university?

To transfer credits taken with MSU Dual Credit to another institution, you must request to have your MSU transcript sent to that institution from the Office of the Registrar.