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Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

Juniors and seniors: 3.0 GPA or higher. Or, 2.5-2.99 GPA, with a recommendation from your principal or guidance counselor.

Sophomores: Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, with a recommendation from your principal or guidance counselor. 

Freshmen: 90th percentile or higher on the ACT or SAT, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and provide a signed letter of recommendation from your principal and guidance counselor. You will also need written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

Note: All GPA’s mentioned above are on a 4.0 scale.

ACT scores and placement tests

Some courses need a minimum ACT or SAT score. Dual credit students must meet the same requirements that on-campus students must meet.

Math requirements

MTH 136 Pre-Calculus I
22* Math ACT subscore or
pass Math Placement Exam
given by MSU Math Department

MTH 261 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
28* Math ACT subscore or
"C" or better in MTH 181

Information and registration for the math placement exams are available from the math department.

English requirements

ENG 110 Writing 1
18* English ACT subscore

ENG 210 Writing II
"C" or better in ENG 110

How to apply to the MSU Dual Credit program

Follow the steps below or download an instructional pdf for assistance with the DualEnroll.com online registration system.

  1. Create your DualEnroll.Com account.  
    Go to https://MissouriState.DualEnroll.com/login to create a personalized login. Click to create a login. Be sure to provide your email address and cell phone number so that we can confirm your account. Save your login and password for future use. 

    Click the “Register” button at the bottom of the form and check your email for instructions about confirming your account. A second email will confirm the account activation. 
  2. Add information to your account.
    Log in to your new account and complete steps 1-4 in the Status section of the online application form. Double check the application form to ensure the accuracy of all the information you have provided. 
    Step 1:  Personal information 
    Step 2:  Release of information (FERPA release) 
    Step 3:  Student terms and consent 
    Step 4:  Parent/Guardian consent. You will need to provide your parent's email to complete the online application or you/they may download the consent form* from the web, fill out and mail back to Missouri State.

    *You need Adobe Reader to view and print this document.
  3. Choose your course(s). 
    On the course selection screen, use the navigation tools to see the course options that are available through your high school. Pay careful attention to the course sections and instructor names to make sure you are selecting the appropriate course(s). You will need to register for EACH Missouri State course you plan to take.
  4. Register for your course(s) 
    Find the course you plan to take in the list of available courses and click on the course title (e.g. Writing I). Select the section offered by your instructor and click “Register.” You will be directed to your application status page. You can now add another course, log out, or view your status screen.

    If your plans are to attend Missouri State following high school graduation, you will want to review Missouri State's general education requirements. The Academic Advisement Center can help you develop your educational plan.  
  5. Confirm your registration.   
    Your status screen will show steps that you need to complete highlighted in yellow (you may not have any further steps to complete), and the status of your application.   

Missouri State will review your application and course requests. For your registration to be completed, you must be approved by Missouri State, your high school, and your parent/guardian. Your high school counselor will provide GPA and (if needed) ACT scores. This process may take up to 7 business days. 

If you are approved - You will be notified by email or text message throughout the process and again when your registration has been approved by MSU and your school. Once registration is confirmed, an email will be sent to your parent/guardian to approve each course and make payment. Parents are required to approve each course individually. 

If you are not approved – You will be notified by email if your registration is not approved. If you receive an email regarding registration failure, please contact the Office of Dual Credit to resolve the issue. 

Parents/guardians will be requested to make payment choice at the time of providing consent for the student to enroll in the course. 

Spring 2019 Registration Tips

Online registration

Missouri State University Dual Credit
January 10, 2019 - February 1, 2019

Tips for a Successful Registration Experience

  • If you do not remember your password or login, you may click Forgot your username or password? under the LOGIN button to retrieve it via text message or email. (Missouri State does not keep this information)
  • Returning students (those who enrolled in the Fall 2018 semester)
    •  Do not need to complete an application. You only need to choose your course(s) for spring registration.
    •  Students who registered for a year-long course in the fall, do not need to re-register for that same course for the Spring.
  • New students (completing for the first time)
    • Be sure to choose courses for registration before logging out. If you do not, you have not requested registration and will not be in the course.
  • Confirm the following:
    • Student name is correct on the account (NOT YOUR PARENT’s NAME)
    • Parent email is provided for consent for the course. Your registration will not move forward without parent consent
    • Date of birth is correct – especially the year
    • Mailing address is current and correct
  • Providing incorrect information will result in delay/denial of registration.
  • Selecting a course does not guarantee enrollment. The University will review your request and approve or deny your enrollment.

How to register for Dual Credit

How to request a transcript

How to provide parent/guardian consent and select payment option

How to make a payment

How to find your M#

How to create your MSU email and login

How to access your Blackboard account (FIN 150 students only)

Contact us

Missouri State Dual Credit
Meyer Alumni Center, Suite 400
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Phone: 417-836-3048

Toll-free: 877-678-2005

Angela Young

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